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AccessCMO Walks the Walk, Offers Women-Owned Businesses Discounted Rate Tied to the Wage Gap

Marketing Consultation Service Ties Rates Directly to Pay Gap For Women

Underhill, Vermont, April 4, 2017 – AccessCMO, a firm that focuses on marketing advice and counsel for growing businesses, has announced a discounted service rate for Women-owned businesses tied directly to the wage gap women face in the marketplace.

"When I started this firm, it was all about access -- giving small and growing businesses access to senior marketing leadership usually reserved for big brands," Weaver stated. "The more I thought about the wage gap women face in the marketplace, the more I realized I had to offer something to address it - directly."

April 4th is Equal Pay Day in Vermont. Equal Pay Day’s date symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year due to the gender wage gap.

Weaver says that, as a father of a young woman, and as the founder of a consultancy designed to help growing businesses, he couldn't ignore the wage inequality in the marketplace. Weaver states, "It feels like this is a time that you should be judging people by their actions, not their words -- and this seemed like an action that I could take that aligns with what I think is important."

A 30-plus year veteran of the advertising and marketing world, Mr. Weaver's resume reads like a "who's who" of great brands. David has personally led and created award-winning campaigns and results for Nissan, T-Mobile, Clif Bar, American Airlines, Nestle, adidas, Blue Bunny ice cream, Nationwide Insurance, and many others. An experienced speaker of many conferences, including TED and multiple TEDx events, David brings an unassuming, yet compelling, speaking style and consulting approach.

Not coincidentally, two of AccessCMO's first clients are women-owned businesses: Coeio - a green burial company based on the work of its founder and TED Fellow Jae Rhim Lee, and Your Turning Point, based in Waitsfield, Vermont.

Amy Todisco, Director of Your Turning Point Retreats and Chair of the Board of Directors for the Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce, says of Mr. Weaver's counsel: "What I appreciate the most about David is that despite his many years of working with multi-million dollar companies, he has no ego. And, through thoughtful questions, deep listening, and "out of the box" thinking, he distills information quickly and has added tremendous value to the message of my small business."

AccessCMO offers Mr. Weaver's services on a fractional, or "gig model" basis, giving firms that are growing access to senior talent, without signing up for a full-time senior employee. AccessCMO allows firms to take advantage or Mr. Weaver's counsel by subscribing to a set number of hours/days in a given month, without the needed expense and overhead of hiring a senior marketing employee.

In addition to the subscription-based CMO service, AccessCMO offers ad hoc project help including brand positioning counsel, research management and analysis, a proprietary rapid hypothesis idea development process, cultural and topical studies, presentation/storytelling coaching, and more.

About AccessCMO AccessCMO, a Vermont LLC, allows growing firms to access seasoned marketing counsel on a subscription or ad hoc basis, without the added overhead of a full-time CMO.

Contact: David Weaver Founder AccessCMO 206-854-7750 ###

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