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Once again, my industry is on the wrong side of the moral highroad.

As a person who has spent the last 30+ years in the advertising business, I get used to the jokes —

“How do you live with yourself?”

“You’re part of the problem…”

“Why not go into politics, and have a chance at likeability?”

It gets old, to say the least.

But when I run across articles like the following, I have to admit, people may have a point.

How on earth is the advertising industry going to take a stand AGAINST consumers having a choice how their information is used?

The advertising business has existed in three eras:

  1. The Interruption Era — where the business made money by interrupting the very content consumers wanted to see. This era treats viewership as an invitation to commerce.

  2. The Measurement Era — where advertisers developed the appetite to watch consumers in real life, in their own homes, as they consumed media THAT THEY PAID FOR. This era treats people as numbers.

  3. The Geo-targeting Era — where consumers are treated as if every action they perform in real life is an excuse to target and retarget them. This era treats existence as an invitation to manipulate.

The willful ignoring of humans’ desires and intentions needs to stop.

I call for the advertising industry to make a bold stand FOR what’s right for a change, and to withdraw this ridiculous lobbying.

Let’s start being and doing good. For once.

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