"I'm 100% confident that I've never worked with a marketer who can simplify an idea in a way that is as approachable and meaningful as David Weaver. I've had the good fortune of seeing David with our client partners and watching as they sat, enthralled, with an almost childlike glee at what David had articulated about their brand. 

David is an outstanding presenter who creates drama while bringing his audience along for the enjoyable ride. It's hard to be in a room with David, in a meaningful discussion, without leaning in - he has that sort of command of strategic thought and ideas.

It's been a treat for me to work side-by-side with David. He's made me a smarter thinker and marketer as a result." 

Mike Goff

Founder of Goff + Marketing

"I've had the benefit of working with some very smart people around the world, but David stands out. Beyond his intelligence, razor sharp cultural insights and famous communication skills, he is a master collaborator. From small groups to large groups, he leads flawlessly by sharing his vision while pulling big ideas out of others. Which of course, brings immeasurable joy and satisfaction to the people lucky enough to be working with him."

Paul Behnen

SVP/Executive Creative Director

"While I was at DDB, we hired Heresy for a consulting project. Dave's insights gave us exactly what we needed. He brings a wonderfully broad perspective - digging into areas we hadn't even thought of yet to uncover just what we needed. On top of all that, he has a brilliant sense of humor and was great to work with."

Hillary Miller

"Dave makes everyone around him smarter by helping them see things in a whole new way. He always brings a fresh POV to the situation, backed up with logic that's bulletproof. He brings out the best in the people who work for him because they know they can trust him. And he's fun to be around, too."

Tom Donovan

VP Director of Strategy at Mullen Lowe

"Hands down, one of the smartest, most insightful people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Dave has the unique ability to bring the audience perspective, coupled with cultural influence, and business initiative to the very point where great creative campaigns are born. Creative teams respect him, account people appreciate him, and clients hang on his every word."

Deb Wolf



Amy Todisco

Your Turning Point Retreats & Coaching

"What I appreciate the most about David is that despite his many years of working with multi-million dollar companies, he has no ego. And, through thoughtful questions, deep listening, and "out of the box" thinking, he is able to easily get what I'm doing and who I am. He distills information quickly and has added tremendous value to the message of my small business. Thank you, David."